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Frequently Asked Questions

I saw Crawfish Bread for sale in a store! Was that the real thing?

No, it wasn’t. The only way to get authentic Crawfish Bread is on this website, at Panaroma Foods Inc. in Marksville, or at our booth at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Assume all others are imitations. Every now and again we may sell some through an approved friend or vendor, and we’ll let you know when this is the case.

Can I get Crawfish Bread in my state?

Yes! We ship to all 50 states, including DC.


How do I ship to multiple addresses?

The way our system is set up is that you will have to place an order for each address.


How do I place an order for more than one box of breads?

Our system requires you to place an individual order for each item you are purchasing. Place the orders for each individual box.


Do you ship single loaves?

Due to the costs associated with shipping frozen food, we do not ship single loaves. If you are unsure of the bread you want, we recommend going with the Multi-Pack!


Do you ship internationally?

We can ship anywhere! We currently serve the entire United Kingdom as well as Canada, so if you live there, you can order now!

Want it in another country? Send us an email with your address, post code, and country, and we'll take care of you. Countries are being added as we ship to them. Note that international shipping can be expensive.


I want to have it at my event. How many people does it feed?

Our breads are perfect appetizers at an event. You can get 10 good-sized slices out of each loaf, so if you order a 3-pack, you'd have a small appetizer for 30 people. Of course, you could serve them in much larger or smaller chunks and slices - it's up to you!


If I order online, can I pick it up in person in Marksville?

No, orders placed online are not held at our location in Marksville. If you want to come in and buy some at the in-store price, you are free to do so, but orders placed online are separate and not held for pickup. For any questions, please email us.


There is still some dry ice in the shipping box. What do I do with it?

Do not attempt to touch or melt it. Leave it in the packaging in a room-temperature location until it naturally dissipates.


What happens if my bread doesn't arrive frozen?

If your bread arrives and is not frozen solid, this is fine! As long as the bread is still cool, you are good to go. Watch this video for more information. If your bread arrives and is warm/not cool at all, do not eat it. Please email us at with your name, address, and order number, and we will fix this for you.


When will my Crawfish Bread order arrive?

We ship once a week on a rolling basis. You will receive your order by the Friday of the week after your order is placed. We will send you an email when your bread has shipped! The bread is not in transit during that time; when we ship out all of the bread, you will receive it by the end of that week. In rare cases orders may be moved to the following week, and if this happens we will alert you immediately.


Will you offer King Cakes again?

We only offer King Cakes during Mardi Gras season. Check back in January 2020.


Why is shipping so expensive for me?

Because of our geographic location, we are most immediately able to reach the central south and southeast portions of the country. Outside of those zones (which are defined by UPS), we use UPS Second Day Airmail to ensure your bread arrives on-time and to the highest possible quality. We do not control Airmail prices. Additionally, international shipping has extra costs associated with it.


I don't live in the United States. Can I still order?

Yes! We are always adding more countries to our shipping zones. If you live in another country and are interested in placing an order, see this page. Please note that shipping costs are higher for international shipments!


How big are the breads?

Each loaf of our breads is roughly 12" in length and 4" in width. At Jazz Fest, we serve it in slices from these loaves.


Is this product created in an environment exposed to peanuts?

No, our breads and King Cakes are not exposed to peanuts.


How do I prepare my bread?

Visit this page, or follow the label's instructions.


I live in Marksville and am used to getting my Crawfish Bread from the Crawfish Bread Man himself! What happens now?

No worries, Marksville friends. Nothing will change, and you can continue going there. Our shipping operations are geared towards those who aren't able to make it up to Panaroma Foods!